office/SoHo networks

  • experience with Windows, macOS, Linux
  • wireless network optimization and planning
  • network security from basic to hipaa
  • getting systems to speak to each other
  • separating networks based on access controls
  • hardware recos and deployment

systems admin

  • admin / integration of local and remote systems
  • update management
  • disaster recovery and offsite backup planning
  • firewall deployment
  • Best practices recommendations for security

internet security

  • training for staff on security essentials
  • website security and lockdown
  • update management

digital strategies

  • website planning, deployment, and maintenance
  • experience with all major network architectures
  • Optimization and security setup for the site
  • MySQL configuration, DR/backup and replication
  • growth planning and management
  • using technology to optimize workflow and business processes

tech consultation

  • identifying new systems for business optimization and cost control
  • fixing broken things :)
  • future planning

other stuff

If there's anything related to internet, technology, or even print design, I’ve most likely dealt with it. Ask away, and I’ll give you my best. For community organizations that are not for profit, I typically will provide some services at a greatly reduced rate.


Fill in the form below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.