linux systems admin services

  • 20 years‘ experience with Ubuntu/CentOS/RHEL and other distros
  • EC2/AWS and other cloud-based infrastructures
  • Wordpress/Joomla/Magento deployment and optimization
  • Dedicated or virtualized hosting referral with hardware & capacity planning
  • Full system review for security and performance
  • Wordpress/Joomla/Magento optimization

website security consultation

  • Recommendations based on review of existing structure
  • Recovery from security breaches/malware (Linux)
  • Hardening of common CMS‘
  • Software firewall deployment
  • Best practices recommendations for security

app architecture planning

  • Projections and modeling of architecture based on analytics
  • Application and server-level segmentation of roles into servers
  • International optimization strategies
  • Hardware & virtualized hardware recommendations
  • E-commerce planning and deployment

nginx / php / mysql stack

  • 20+ years‘ experience with LEMP (Linux/nginx/MySQL/PHP)
  • Optimization and security setup for the stack
  • MySQL configuration, DR/backup and replication
  • Stack distribution for application responsiveness, localization, and DR
  • OS-level tweaks to get more from the stack
  • Custom planned hardware to match your stack‘s needs

site development using phalconphp

  • Applications built with the fastest PHP framework in existence
  • Responsive application design
  • Database planning
  • Migration from legacy/proprietary/CMS to app

core competencies

  • server config/deployment
  • EC2/AWS/cloud
  • Ubuntu/CentOS/RHEL
  • PHP
  • nginx
  • MySQL/MariaDB/Percona
  • Wordpress/Joomla
  • Apache

contact/ / reviews

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